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George Eliot 200th Birth Anniversary - Sheet Set

George Eliot 200th Birth Anniversary - Sheet Set


Six stamps feature Jersey scenes that have been reinterpreted and painted using descriptions taken from the writer’s journals and letters. A quote from Eliot has been incorporated into each of the designs. The sheet set contains a sheet of ten of each tariff in the George Eliot 200th Birth Anniversary stamp issue. The stamp sheets give the discerning collector access to all the printer's marks and any additional information on the selvedges.

Date of issue 01/11/2019
Withdrawal date 01/11/2021
Designer Peter Fancourt
Sheet 10
Size 30mm x 40mm
Process Four colour offset lithography plus metallic gold litho ink
Denominations 52p, 67p, 80p, 85p, 99p, £1.15

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