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£1.85 Sheet - Judith Kerr - 100 Years

£1.85 Sheet - Judith Kerr - 100 Years


A Sheet of 10 Stamps from our 'Judith Kerr - 100 Years' issue. Judith Kerr's beloved storybook characters are celebrated on this colourful set.

The stamp sheets give the discerning collector access to all the printer’s marks and any additional information on the selvedges. The selvedges include the traffic lights which is a term used by collectors to denote the check dots (or colour dabs) printed in the sheet margins of stamps printed by modern offset litho or photogravure methods. They assist in checking that all the colours have printed correctly.

Most of our selvedge sheets also contain a plate number; a numeral, occasionally with a letter suffix, usually inscribed on the sheet margins to denote the plate from which the stamps were printed - for example 1A.

All our mint/cto products are carefully prepared by our own team and supplied in glassine bags to ensure you receive them in pristine condition.

Date of issue 14-06-2023
Withdrawal date 14-06-2025
Designer Judith Kerr
Printer bpost, Belgium
Size Stamp size: 35mm x 35mm.
Process four colour process lithography plus metallic silver litho ink.
Denominations £1.85

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